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  • Introduction

    From design to fabrication to installation, Western Neon serves all your signage needs while matching your company with the proper visual message. Our staff understands the need to maximize your visibility and lasting presence in the marketplace. Whether incorporating neon, LED, fluorescent, dimensional components or digital images, our signs are built to your best fit.

    Founded in 1985, Western Neon constantly strives to provide clients with signage solutions. We exist to create a unique experience where creativity and passion unite. Every sign, no matter what the value, must be flawless of defects and always superior. We are efficient, innovative, and professional. Our continued willingness to improve with every project will inevitably continue our success.

    We have a strong commitment to the environment. We are proud to be the first sign company in Washington to start recycling neon tubing. Our method of manufacturing and recycling neon tubing is used by King County as a model for the local sign industry.



    Project of the Month: A La Mode Pies

      “Handmade pie with a dollop of creativity.” The founder and owner of A la Mode Pies, Chris Porter, grew up with his mother’s scrumptious home cooking and baking. Watching his mother many nights in the kitchen with her Midas touch not only inspired and taught … Continue reading


    Topic of the Month: Neon & the Environment

    Did you know? Neon, discovered in 1910, is a non-toxic, chemically inert gas that exists in the air we breathe. Specifically, .0018% of the Earth’s atmosphere contains neon. Not only do neon signs pose no threat to the environment, but they are also … Continue reading


    Project of the Month: PICK-QUICK DRIVE-IN

    Since 1949 Jay Adolph and Henriette Olsen founded PICK-QUICK in Fife, Washington in 1949. Joe Burgi of PICK-QUICK and Gerard Centioli of ICON INC decided to expand the business, starting in Auburn, Washington in 2011. Now in 2016, Seattle is getting its very own PICK-QUICK on 4th Ave … Continue reading

Project of the Month: A La Mode Pies

Topic of the Month: Neon & the Environment

Project of the Month: PICK-QUICK DRIVE-IN