Our staff understands the need to maximize your visibility and lasting presence in the marketplace. Whether incorporating neon, LED, fluorescent, dimensional components or digital images, our signs are built to your best fit.


Initially, you will speak with one of our sales executives to discuss your vision and needs. This may be done in our showroom or on site if helpful. In this early dialog, we review various options and materials that may be utilized in your project.

Once we determine the necessary criteria, our design team lends their creative skills to the process. For instance, they may create designs that are digitally superimposed (and to scale) onto your very site. This ensures that you have an informed understanding of the proposed finished project.


Once the design is approved, Western Neon handles the entire project for you: site inspection, coordination with electrical contractor (when necessary), permit drawings, permit applications, fabrication, installation, and beyond. You also receive the Western Neon Warranty at no additional charge — an unparalleled 2 year limited warranty.


The industry standard warranty is one year, we offer two because we simply build a better sign. Our warranty is free of charge and protects you from craftsmanship failure, product failure and the subsequent parts and labor associated with said failure(s).