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Living Computers

Since 2012, Living Computers Museum has given tech-savvy Seattleites hands-on experience with computers from the 1960’s to present day. The newly renovated Living Computers: Museum + Labs is a non-profit community institution owned by Paul G. Allen, featuring a private … Continue reading

Ganja Goddess

Ganja Goddess was not only one of the first recreational marijuana stores to pop up in Seattle, November 2014, but was the first women-owned pot shop to open in the city. Regardless of the feminine name, the team’s mission is … Continue reading

Seattle City Light

The iconic Seattle City Light sign on 4th Ave S, which was originally built in the 1920’s, got a brand new makeover! Although the sign does not have Seattle landmark status, this is one of the few “CITY LIGHT” signs … Continue reading


Jay Adolph and Henriette Olsen founded PICK-QUICK SODO in Fife, Washington in 1949. Joe Burgi of PICK-QUICK and Gerard Centioli of ICON INC decided to expand the business, starting in Auburn, Washington in 2011. Now in 2016, Seattle is getting … Continue reading

GS Building Supply Inc

Our neighbors at GS Building Supply wanted an updated sign and requested this ginormous 30’x5’5″ .090 aluminum cabinet with LED grid illumination throughout. The front is a flex face retainer which features red and black vinyl graphics. Our neighbors at … Continue reading

Filson Headquarters

Filson Headquarters has been a part of Seattle’s history since 1897. In 2013, Filson’s headquarters moved to a new location in SODO on 1st Ave S while their store maintained on a couple streets over on 4th Ave S. In … Continue reading

TRYLON (Dylan Neuwirth)

Our friend Dylan Neuwirth married Rian Robison Saturday, October 17, 2015 at Within in SODO! Western Neon’s President, Andre Lucero, officiated the wedding! This powerful piece “TRYLON” consists of the Universal Truths & Cycles: strength, energy, union, and divinity. We … Continue reading

Nuleaf Office Solutions

Kelly Cudworth has been the President at NuLeaf Office Solutions since 2005. Within six months, Kelly expanded the company’s product line from 250 toner items to over 60,000 print, office, and break room supplies. Kelly hasn’t slowed down his leadership … Continue reading

We “R” In

Rainier Beer Seahawks Rainier Beer Seahawks We want to thank the Seattle Seahawks for another magical and thrilling season; you made your twelves proud.The team’s continued success has allowed us all to revel in Seahawks fever in the lead up … Continue reading

SODO Urban Works

If you’ve heard of City Commerce Park at all, it’s probably because of its best known tenant, Schooner Exact Brewing Company. SODO Urban Works is in a prime location with direct visibility from First Avenue South. They’ve recently had a … Continue reading