Project of the Month: Red Chair Salon & Rose Theatre

Red Chair Salon

     Owners and founders Howie and Amy Sennet started Red Chair Salon in 2009 on Capitol Hill. The salon is known for its individual style and feel which they describe as both fun and relaxed with professional stylists you can trust. They pride themselves on their affordable, yet high quality cuts and color.

When it came to the rebranding, Howie and Amy knew they wanted to keep the original sign because this has been its home for many decades. Their sign was sandblasted at Puget Sound Coatings so we had a clean slate to work from. Western Neon fabricated oversized faces to overlap the existing cabinet and painted the faces black and grey then added opaque red and white vinyl. A new arrow cabinet was added as well and so were custom aluminum scissor hands on the clock. The completed sign is approximately 6’x 5′ and is illuminated by 56 ft. of clear red neon, white grid LED and 44 11-watt lightbulbs.

Rose Theatre


The Rose opened as a vaudeville house in 1907, transitioning from live theatre to silent film, to talkies, Technicolor, and now to digital projection across three unique screens. They offer the people of the Olympic Peninsula not only world-class film, but also high-definition ballet, opera, classical music and theatre from across the globe.

Experience a film at the Rose or the Starlight Room, where the popcorn is fresh, the butter is real, the sound is superb, and every show is personally introduced by the host/owner, Rocky Friedman.

The old neon sign was faded and some of the neon not working, so Western Neon removed the sign and brought it into our shop for a makeover.   The cabinet was sandblasted at Puget Sound Coatings, then repainted with Matthews Chocolate Thunder, with opaque antique white and light gold vinyl lettering. The clear red neon was reprocessed and pumped, our glass bender bent new CL4500 warm white neon for a vintage look.   We replaced the old guywires that were stabilizing the sign, since we could not change the original sign to eliminate the wires, because of the code.

The sign is back up on the Rose Theatre and should shine brightly for another 25 years.

“When I decided to have the Rose Theatre sign repaired and refurbished, the choice of who would do the work was easy. Although Western Neon had not made the sign for me 24 years ago, they had made two other signs for me since then, and I was impressed with the quality of the work and their professionalism. Put simply, I knew going into this most recent project that the job would be done right and I would be pleased with the results. The sign looks beautiful – better than it did 24 years ago – and I couldn’t be happier about the results.” 
– Rocky, Owner of Rose Theatre