Project of the Month – Living Computers: Museum + Labs

Since 2012, Living Computers Museum has given tech-savvy Seattleites hands-on experience with computers from the 1960’s to present day. The newly renovated Living Computers: Museum + Labs is a non-profit community institution owned by Paul G. Allen, featuring a private collection of historical artifacts and education center. Paul Allen explains, “It is possible that no other technology on earth has so continually renewed itself as computer technology.”
The remodeled Living Computers: Museum +Labs space still holds the many restored AND usable super computers, mainframes, mini computers, and microcomputers current members remember with new robotics, self driving cars, virtual reality, and digital art added to the mix . On November 18th, an additional floor of upcoming technologies and educational labs opened to the public which includes classrooms and workshop.
Prior to the museum’s renovations, they  experienced the challenge of attracting new guests into the door for the first time. Their recent additions will surely solve this problem and Western Neon was excited to help with this beautiful double-sided 3′ x 2′ x 23′ projecting sign, which showcases nostalgic technology with its exposed neon, while at the same time featuring modern technology with RGB full-color spectrum, wifi controlled, LED illumination.
Western Neon looks forward to the future of the Sodo community as our local partnerships help us thrive together. “As a Sodo business, we appreciate the partnerships that continue to grow within our neighborhood,” explains Andre Lucero, the President of Western Neon. 
Sources: Living Computers: Museum +Labs & The Seattle Times