Project of the Month: Ankrom Moisan

“Create Places Where People and Communities Thrive”
     Stewart Ankrom and Tom Moisan started Ankrom Moisan in 1983, “to provide integrated architectural, interior design, and urban design services to our clients.” Today they are a national firm with over 350 employees, dynamic offices in Portland and Seattle, and are opening their San Francisco office later this summer.
     Ankrom Moisan’s booming mixed-use work grew their Seattle business to more than 100 employees. So far they have either started or completed 17 iconic projects in the Capitol Hill and South Lake Union neighborhoods.
     Ankrom Moisan designs award-winning mixed-use housing, healthcare, affordable housing, senior living, student housing, workplace, and hospitality projects. The majority of their work lies in urban settings.
The New Seattle Office
   The new office was designed around the concept, “for each and all of us.” These details emphasize inspiring imagery and collaboration.
      Their main double-sided non-illuminated sign was painted charcoal and orange. The graphics were water jetted out of aluminum except for the center piece.
      Next we fabricated a dimensional logo made from 1″ acrylic for their lobby which was made to appear as though it was embossed on the wall and was flush-mounted.
     The custom mobile was a unique addition that stands out in the midst of all the other unique touches. Forty-two words were made from 1/2″ acrylic. These inspirational words included, “quirky,” “evolving,” and “legacy.”
      Many steel plaques with custom blue vinyl were fabricated and installed to label the multiple meeting areas, offices, and supply rooms throughout the new office.
      Directional arrows were fabricated from 1/4″ aluminum and were painted orange. These arrows were bent to 90 degrees and were flush-mounted.
      This project was rare in its creativity and we are enthusiastic to see what they develop next in our city.