Project of the Month: Uwajimaya’s Kai Market

In 1928, Fujimatsu Moriguchi of Yawatahama, Japan sold homemade fishcakes from the back of his truck in the Puget Sound area while his wife, Sadako, operated their Uwajimaya store in downtown Tacoma. Today, Uwajimaya has locations in Seattle, Bellevue, and Renton, and as far away as Beaverton, Oregon, with over 400 employees, nine of whom are Moriguchi family members, active in daily business and management for the company.

Uwajimaya’s very first Kai Market recently opened at 400 Fairview: 5,500 square feet of ground floor space in the shiny and ever-developing South Lake Union neighborhood. Naturally, the market will focus on authentic Asian flavors in the fresh seafood realm, while offering a wide variety of ready-made meals for the lunch crowd, to live seafood for the brave home chefs.

Western Neon fabricated and installed three signs for Uwajimaya’s Kai Market. The first is a north vestibule elevation sign above the main doorway measuring 11’x10′ with 1/4″ acrylic letters painted white sitting on a dibond backer painted black. The second is a west vestibule elevation made of aluminum channel letters with LED illumination and metal backing. This sign measures at a colossal 50’x2′ facing the street under an awning giving the letters a floating illusion. The final custom sign is a circular single-sided interior blade sign with their friendly fish logo facing the ceiling. This fun sign is 3’4″x3’9″ and showcases 10 and 15mm ruby red exposed neon. Two opaque black vinyl graphic details with the words, “Kai Market” also featured along the wall in the new market for exceptional branding presence.