Project of The Month: Eyes on Fremont

Image by Eyes On Fremont © 2017

Western Neon is pleased to work with local spectacle advisor Eyes on Fremont to help bring their iconic light-based window sign into sharper focus. Opened by Stan Jonasson and his wife Linda Vanguard on Halloween in 1996, Eyes on Fremont has been supplying custom glasses, contact lenses, and vision solutions to local rock stars, artists, designers, and discerning customers for over twenty years. Current owner and store manager Nathaniel Ogura joined Eyes on Fremont in 2001 as a lens grinder right out of optometry school at Seattle Central Community College. Since 2008, he has been operating this Upper Fremont mainstay while establishing his contemporary vision defined by quality, uniqueness, and exceptional value bolstered by an in-house optometrist and lab.

Image by Western Neon © 2017

Working closely with Nathaniel to carefully remove and maintain his long-standing illuminated window sign, we preserved each archival component and transported them to our shop. After creating a hand-traced pattern from the original glass text, we then generated a newly expanded vector-based template for use in our glass studio. One of our seasoned craftspersons then hand-formed each clear and colored tube to exactly match the pattern and well-recognized Eyes on Fremont logo. Additionally, we retrofitted a component of the store’s retail furniture to enable the bombarded, assembled, and finished piece to be a free-standing element of artistic signage once installed.

Image by Eyes On Fremont © 2017

We take great pride in working as a tight-knit team at Western Neon to accomplish our goals and have much respect for businesses in the Seattle area who have a similar community-driven focus.  Eyes on Fremont takes this concept to the next level with their “Fight Evil” campaign by relying on small suppliers and quality-driven experts to provide affordable yet stylish options. Eyes on Fremont strives to create the most transparent process possible when choosing eyewear while simultaneously going against the harsh grain of larger, more opaque vision companies that seek to dominate the market. While waging this war on exclusivity and expense, they also contribute to local public radio stations such as KEXP, economic, social, and racial justice proponent Real Change as well as supporting various fund-raisers, events, and impactful causes.
Whether you’re in the market for a new set glasses or need to get your sight checked, Eyes on Fremont is your one-stop solution and clear choice. Not only will you clarify your vision and help local Seattle businesses thrive in a crowded global market, but fight the good fight while destroying evil along the way— make an appointment or stop by today!