Project of The Month: Larry’s Tavern

Image by Western Neon © 2019

Larry’s Tavern is brand new, but looks about as 70s as it gets- and that’s on purpose. With healthy doses of retro brown and orange, this cozy bar is making itself right at home in West Seattle at 3405 California Ave SW.

During renovations, the same group that owns Targy’s, Duvall Tavern, and Pint Defiance, came to us with the news that they were opening a new concept in West Seattle. They asked if we would work with them as they made the 70s styled bar a reality. We said of course, when do we start?

Image by Western Neon © 2019

Western Neon has worked with owners Margo Beaver and husband Joel Stedman previously for years, but Larry’s is the first project our team has produced for them from start to finish.

Margo and Joel came to us with a well-established set of ideas. What they needed were the capabilities to take that concept and translate it into a realistic design. Starting from there, we worked together to pick out glass colors Sunrise from Ablon Technologies and Clear Gold from Voltarc. With those colors and a great design, we translated their logo into an illuminated masterpiece that will catch looks from down the block for years to come.

Image by Western Neon © 2019

Check out Larry’s Tavern at 3405 California Ave SW from 4pm- 2am daily and follow them here and here.

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