Project of The Month: Jazz Night School

Concept Rendering by Jazz Night School © 2018

Western Neon is excited to collaborate with local nonprofit organization, Jazz Night School, to make a marquee style sign for their new Hillman City location. Founded in 2008 by current Executive Director Erik Hanson, Jazz Night School has grown in the Seattle music community and prides itself in being the largest all-ages jazz program in the Pacific Northwest. Their new illuminated sign signifies not only their continuous growth but is a beacon for impactful programming that includes “a small performance space, more opportunities for lessons, ensembles, and classes.”

Image by Western Neon © 2018

For this project, Western Neon took direct inspiration from Jazz Night School. We created a vintage style aluminum marquee sign that features their signature turquoise, dark blue, and lime green coloring wrapped around a distinct bull nose form. The sign incorporates white LED lighting with bi-color acrylic push-through lettering taken directly from their logo. In addition, puck lights on the underside of the awning serve as both aesthetic and safety illumination for the entryway. This iconic South Seattle project was managed by Western Neon’s own Peter Muller in collaboration with our entire Production Team and the dedicated efforts of Jazz Night School’s Erik Hanson.

Image by Western Neon © 2018

Jazz Night School sees the potential for anyone to get involved in the Seattle jazz community and strives to provide a fitting environment where students can receive a finely tuned music-based education. They “envision a vibrant jazz community that fosters artistic development and creative empowerment”, and work hard to extend this mission. Student-focused programming supports every participant’s learning style and individuals are placed in classes that ensure a quality education. In addition, community performances have become a key part of programming and draw from a multitude of instructional offerings including Big Bands to Small Ensembles and an array of diverse classes.
 More information about the school, currently open classes, and upcoming performances can be found at Jazz Night School and on their Facebook Page. Don’t forget to consider supporting this wonderful program by volunteering or donating – Seattle’s jazz community is expanding and you can be an energetic part of it!