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South Sound Drive-In Heads North to SODO: Oct 13, 2016 – “The SoDo Pick-Quick, opening at 2990 4th Avenue South, sports a vintage-style sign crafted by Western Neon, the same company that made the iconic Rainier “R” that once stood over the factory building that is now Tully’s Headquarters. That original sign is now in the Museum of History and Industry.”

Seattle Magazine

PICK-QUICK Opens Seattle Location on Tuesday: Oct 12, 2016 – “A sign as beautiful as the burgers.”

Seattle Met

After Greenwood’s Gas Explosion FlintCreek Cattle Co. Gets Ready to Open: Aug 29, 2016 – “The vintage arrow comes from a secret source; Western Neon rebuilt and reassembled the custom marquee signage.”

City Light Sign Getting a Facelift: July 22, 2016 – “Seattle City Light has contracted with Seattle-based Western Neon Custom Sign Builders to replace the neon lights in the iconic City Light signs at its South Service Center at 4thAve. S. and S. Spokane Street with LED rope lighting, beginning July 26.”

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Yesterday’s Sign Park Embellishes Wisconsin Town: May 2, 2016 – “Retired signmaker installs restored signs that recall city’s former shops”

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Best Electric Freestanding Signs of 2016: April 5, 2016 – “Walla Walla, WA has grown to love its Ice-Burg drive in, and a new sign affirms its success. Western Neon owner Andre Lucero said, “The sign is so bright we can almost see it from Seattle! If only we could taste the food from here.”

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Western Neon Builds Classy Sign for Golden Beetle: March 16, 2016 – “Maria Hines, the award-winning executive chef and owner of the Golden Beetle, a Seattle Mediterranean-cuisine restaurant that synthesizes the flavors of Turkey, Greece, Lebanon, Israel and Egypt – while using organic, local ingredients – wanted a simple, classy neon sign to help the establishment’s curb appeal. The name stems from a Moroccan spice blend that includes more than 30 ingredients; Hines’ block print inspired the design.”

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Western Neon Gets a “High Rating From This Customer: November 19, 2015 – “Our relationship with Ian Eisenberg began when we built the sign for his Sea Suds Car Wash in 2011. We’ve enjoyed a productive partnership ever since. He owns several businesses; recently, he approached our senior salesperson, Carole Alexander, about building a sign for Uncle Ike’s, a recreational-marijuana retail shop in Seattle.”

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Best Electric Building Signs of 2015: April 13, 2015 – “Western Neon’s president, Andre Lucero, and his team took inspiration from this theme and designed a sign that features an octopus’ tentacle grabbing a ship’s anchor, with a scarlet arrow that beckons ‘any land lover or seasoned sailor inside,’ he said.”

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Neon Sign Claims Readers’ Choice Award: April 2, 2015 – “If I had to pick between saving my cat in a fire, or getting one night to have [the Octopus Bar sign’s] illuminating glow entrench my body with warmth, I’d pick the sign.”

Seattle Met

Dylan Neuwirth Proposes on Facebook: July 23, 2014 – “’After I knew that it was time for this kind of communication between us, I made the pattern for the neon. I had it fabricated at Western Neon on about a week,’ Neuwirth recalls.”

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Western Neon Reinvigorates Rainier Brewery Building with New Logo Sign: May 28, 2014 – “From start to finish, the job required more than 500 hours of labor, and Pabst required it to be done secretly. It wanted the new sign to be a spontaneous experience for the city when completed. During the year-long build-up, Pabst planned a huge event around its unveiling. Pabst knew Rainier was a big brand in Seattle, but it didn’t realize how much the sign meant to the city.”

Seattle Met

This Week in Restaurant News: Illuminations and Transitions: March 28, 2014 – “When Pike Place Market lost its iconic Seattle’s Best Coffee sign last year, it left a void in photographs that went unfilled until the Market’s one and only ginger beer shop added this sign from Western Neon. 

Seattle Post Intelligencer

Rainier Beer “R” visits Seattle Neighborhoods: October 23, 2013 – “Andre Lucero of Western Neon works to hoist a new Rainier ‘R’ onto a trailer. The nearly 12-foot tall sign was traveling in advance of its installation on top of the old Rainier Brewery in Sodo. The ‘R’ will replace the Tully’s green ‘T’ that was previously on the building.”

The Seattle Times

Meet the artists behind the new Rainier ‘R’: October 20, 2013 – “When you go to plug it in, you just hope that it works,’ said Andre Lucero, president of Western Neon, which fabricated the new ‘R.’ ‘During travel, while the crane is picking it up, anything could break. And then you have this major countdown, and it doesn’t light…”

Restore the “R”

Restore the “R”: 2013 – Watch the video of the “R” reclaiming its spot at The Old Rainier Brewery. Fabrication and installation done by Western Neon.

Evening Magazine

The new Rainier “R” is almost here: October 18, 2013 – “Meet the neon artist behind the making of the new Rainier ‘R’.”

 Puget Sound Business Journal

Atop an old Seattle brewery, a new Rainier ‘R’ will shine: October 17, 2013 – “Down with the ‘T’ — the ‘R’ lives again. Western Neon is putting the finishing touches on a 12-foot replica Rainier R sign to be placed back atop the old Rainier Brewery in South Seattle on Oct. 24.”

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Integrating Media- Art Museum Combines Video and Channel Letters: October 7, 2013 – “Western Neon always had to think a few steps ahead to ensure the angles were correct and the pieces all fit. Of course, this took some patience during the fabrication process, but it was necessary even while on deadline.”


Replica of Rainier Beer “R” to go back atop brewery: September 18, 2013 – “The ‘R’ was part of the Seattle skyline for about 50 years before it was replaced by the ‘T’ in 2000 by Tully’s prior owners. Western Neon, based in Seattle, is fabricating the 12-foot replica neon ‘R’ for installation sometime in November.”

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Giant Red “R” will light up Seattle’s Skyline Again: September 17, 2013 – The big green “T” that has stood atop the old Rainier Brewery by Interstate 5 for the past 13 years will be replaced this fall by a true Seattle icon: a giant red “R.”

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Western Neon Helps Beautify Seattle Art Museum: June 3, 2013 – “Western Neon Custom Sign Builders, Seattle, Wash., announces its role in creating the newly unveiled exterior of the Seattle Art Museum (SAM). A year in the making, the MIRROR project, by artist Doug Aitken, consists of two large LED video panels spanning half of the blocks on the 1st and Union sides of the art museum building.”

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SBI Sign Making Innovation Award – Second Place: Sept 26, 2011 – “The City of Seattle’s Pike/Pine Conservation District Sign Code does not allow any sign to have internal illumination, Western Neon created a sign that brought the client’s logo to life in a dimensional sign and complied with local sign codes, while adhering to the client’s budget.”

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Best Unique Signs of 2011: March 25, 2011 – “These unconventional beauties turn heads and deliver strong advertising messages.”

Carlo Rossi

The Jug Furniture Collection: 2010 – Video showcasing the 6 pieces and accompanying Road Show.

Central District News

Wonder bread Sign Back at Home on Jackson: July 16, 2009 – “The developers of the new project spent about $75,000 refinishing the original sign and upgrading the building’s structure to support its 6,000lb weight. Each 5×8 foot letter was sanded down, rewired, and repainted before being put back on the original steel frame.”

Atlantic Monthly

Signs of the Times: September, 2006 – “But a medium as beloved as neon doesn’t disappear—it becomes an art form, justifying special materials and high prices. “We’re up 30 percent for the year, and 90 percent of what we do has neon in it,” says Jay Blazek, owner of Western Neon in Seattle.”

Seattle Post Intelligencer

Seattle Neon Artists Aim to Create a Buzz with Their Wine-Jug Furnishings: July 26, 2006 – “What Jay Blazek and his team at Western Neon came up with was the Chardonnay Chandelier, the Cabernet Couch, the Burgundy Bookshelf, the Rhine Reading Lamp, the Paisano Plasma TV Stand and, perhaps most impressive of all, the Sangria Surround Sound System.”

Seattle Post Intelligencer

A Glowing Tradition: February 24, 2004 – “The signs included were picked mainly because ‘these are the ones that people who are natives or who have been around for a while have an affinity for,’ says Jay Blazek, owner of Seattle’s Western Neon and a guide for the tour.”

Seattle Post Intelligencer

Neon’s Illuminating Stories Find a Home: October 11, 2003 – “The light source — neon or argon gas inside glass tubing that illuminates when charged with electricity — gained in popularity during the next few decades, said Jay Blazek, owner of Western Neon, a shop in Sodo.”

Seattle Post Intelligencer

If You’d Like Your Land to be Never Bland, Then Let the Neon Sign be King: September 2, 2001 – “More damaging to neon than municipal ordinances, at least in Seattle, was a shift in taste. Jay Blazek, owner of Western Neon in Seattle, says his father learned to “bend glass” in the 1950s. “By the 1960s he was bending glass one day a week, but he was painting signs four days a week,” Blazek says. Plastic signs took over.”

Seattle Times

Heralding the New Seattle: October 1, 2000 – “Watching the game-day traffic swarm past his Western Neon gallery and sign shop on First Avenue, Jay Blazek says the center brought in a whole new crowd.”

Seattle Times

Neon On Ice – Glass Artist Dale Chihuly Finds Tacoma Dome The Perfect Venue For His Neon Sculptures: September 2, 1993 – “As with all Chihuly’s work, this one was a collaboration. Three neon shops – Neon Alley, Tube Art and Western Neon – contributed time and expertise to creating the neon shapes.”