Rainier Beer Seahawks
Rainier Beer Seahawks We want to thank the Seattle Seahawks for another magical and thrilling season; you made your twelves proud.The team’s continued success has allowed us all to revel in Seahawks fever in the lead up to their third Super Bowl appearance in franchise history. After the Seahawks’ miraculous overtime win against the Green Bay Packers, the city was transformed into a blaze of blue and green. The longtime resident, Rainier Beer, wanted to make sure they brought the 12th man spirit to another Seattle icon.

Rainier Beer has been a part of Washington history since its launch in 1878. The brand has become ubiquitous with its namesake and the Pacific Northwest lifestyle. The iconic Rainier “R” was first placed on top of the Old Rainier Brewery in the 1950s. From it’s perch, the “R” has seen many Seattle teams come and go. Only two decades later, it was there to see the beginning of the Seahawks’ franchise. But it wasn’t until it returned to it’s rightful place in 2013 that the Seahawks won their first Super Bowl title.
Rainier Beer Seahawks
Even with the heartbreaking Seahawks loss at Super Bowl XXIX, we know they are looking towards next year’s redemption and the “R” will be there to see it all happen.

“At 26 years old I won’t allow one play or one moment to define my career. [Because] every setback has a major comeback.”

– Russell Wilson
Rainier Beer Seahawks

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