Our friend Dylan Neuwirth married Rian Robison Saturday, October 17, 2015 at Within in SODO! Western Neon’s President, Andre Lucero, officiated the wedding! This powerful piece “TRYLON” consists of the Universal Truths & Cycles: strength, energy, union, and divinity. We are so honored to have been part of such a beautiful night. Congratulations again, Rian and Dylan!

Special thanks to Carina Skrobecki Photography and attendees for the wedding photos!

“Next month, as part of the 2015 Visiting Artist Program at the University of Wyoming, I will debut TRYLON I — the first in a series of extended land art interventions intended to spread across the American West.

TRYLON I is a monumental neon-illuminated telecom tower that combines notions of subversive land use, industrial aesthetics and symbolic counter surveillance to remix the power structure of the skyline. The artwork incorporates a pre-20th century French semaphore line — a system of coded symbols mounted to towers used to visually convey messages over a long distance — and blends it with a digital age telecommunications structure to create a new multilayered form. Each of the four monochromatic minimal neon symbols that adorn the tower allude to planetary paths, geometric rhythms, interpersonal and cellular growth.

The central structure is an engineer certified commercial telecom tower composed of galvanized steel and attachment hardware that stands 25 feet in height. Designed to attach to a 3/4 inch thick powder coated mild steel base plate, the tower weighs just over 750 lb. as a single structure. The base plate attaches to a system of four 3/4 inch thick powder coated mild steel ballast plates intended to connect to a concrete base or hard surface ground location using sixteen submerged epoxy adhered bolts. The tower, base and ballast plates weigh 2,750 lb. and safely installed can withstand wind loads at over 100 mph.”

-Dylan Neuwirth

For more information visit: http://www.dylanneuwirth.com

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