Last year, we partnered with Rainier Beer, MOHAI, and Columbia distributing to restore the Rainer “R” and put it back on the top of the Old Rainier Brewery. Before all the fanfare of raising the “R” to its rightful place, we had the opportunity to bring it to the people in the first ever R-Day pub crawl. After seeing the turnout, the executives at Rainier Brewing were blown away by the outpouring of support for the iconic Northwest brand.

This year, they instituted an inaugural “R Day” celebration that will channel all the energy and love around our beloved Northwest icon for years to come. The 2014 R Day parade featured an 8 foot tall giant replica of the latest 2014 Rainier Jubilee Can that even poured a beer “look alike” from the mouth of the can.

Making the oversized beer can required an unusual approach from our metal fabrication team. The can had to be strong enough to support the weight of the can while driving around the Seattle area, but also light enough to utilize for future events. The most challenging part of this fabrication was getting the water feature to work on the back of a trailer. It took several attempts to come up with the right combination of power and flow to get the water circulating through the can. With only a few hours to spare, the can debuted at the R Day Pre-Party prior to Friday’s main event.

The party wouldn’t have been possible without major support and contributions from Rainier Beer. Rainier’s entire executive team came to support all the festivities and they didn’t come empty handed. They brought the endless amounts of Rainier Jubilee beer and Rainier swag to get the shop looking great. The Rainier Grazers also stopped by the party to take photos with the can and attendees.

The pre-party was a great experience for us, because we were able to build so many unique relationships with local Seattle business. Our friends at Casual Industrees even setup a live printing shop and were giving away limited edition R Day shirts. Don’t worry if you are interested in getting some R Day swag, Casual Industrees still has some available on their website.

The night after our pre-party we had the opportunity to be a part of the R Day parade. Our president, Andre Lucero, was at the helm to make sure the can made it all the way to Capitol Hill by the end of the night. The can stopped at many neighborhood bars along the way including 9lb Hammer, The Crocodile, and Linda’s Tavern. The turnout wasn’t any less impressive than last year. Everywhere we stopped, there were hordes of people waiting to party and get their picture taken with the can.

Rainier Jubilee Can 1
Rainier Jubilee Can 2 Rainier Jubilee Can 3 Rainier Jubilee Can 4 Rainier Jubilee Can 5

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