Jay Adolph and Henriette Olsen founded PICK-QUICK SODO in Fife, Washington in 1949. Joe Burgi of PICK-QUICK and Gerard Centioli of ICON INC decided to expand the business, starting in Auburn, Washington in 2011. Now in 2016, Seattle is getting its very own PICK-QUICK on 4th Ave south! PICK-QUIK SODO fits in perfectly with the city of Seattle for their achievements in providing local and natural products under sustainable practices.
This classically styled neon sign is one of the largest Western Neon has fabricated in years at 12’6″x12’11”! “It is always exciting to design a sign that is not in the shape of a box,” says our lead designer Dave. The unique shape of the PICK-QUICK sign brought challenges that were fun to overcome. “The bullnose presented an interesting problem, it required us to bend a 28.5” face to a very tight radius which had to transition seamlessly to the rest of the face. Welding the support plate to the schedule-80 tube was a critical step, we used the Shielded Metal Arc Welding process, I enjoyed using a different welding process and working outside,” explains Matt in the metal shop.
The cabinet was painted black, yellow, and red. The lettering and details were made with opaque white and bright yellow vinyl illuminated by white, turquoise, and classic gold neon. However, we also created neon for PICK-QUICK SODO’s building. The mouthwatering words, “Hamburgers,” “French Fries,” “Soft Serve,” “Ice Cream,” and “Hot Dogs” were bent in clear red neon amongst the vibrant turquoise border tubing. This project altogether took approximately 459 linear ft. of neon!
Another exciting part of this project was surprisingly installing the pole itself! With the help of Ventilation Power Cleaning, Addison Supply, and Salmon Bay Sand and Gravel, we vacuumed out, installed rebar cage, and poured 3’x10′ worth of cement underground to support the mighty pole sign.
We are thrilled to watch PICK-QUICK SODO grow their success in Seattle, and not just because that means burgers, hot dogs, french fries and ice cream next door!
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