Sally Bergesen, Founder and CEO of Oiselle, initially fell in love with running on her high school’s cross country team. She reintroduced herself to the sport in college to lose some unwanted weight gained while studying abroad in France. A year later, Sally moved to Seattle and was officially dedicated to the running lifestyle. Sally joined Club Northwest in 1992 and has made our cross country national team 7 times!

A simple trip to the running store to buy new shorts, only to find disappointment, sparked the idea in Sally to provide a new kind of company that provides more flattering fits and styles for women’s running apparel. However simple the concept, the importance is undeniable for runners everywhere. Sally explains, “…for me, and the small family that makes up Oiselle, the sport has always been about something more. At various times it’s our therapy, escape, religion, and girl time. But perhaps simply enough, it’s been our sense of freedom. And thus the name Oiselle (pronounced wa-zell). A French word for bird, it alludes to that feeling of weightlessness that most runners know and love. That sense of flight – when the legs go fast and the heart goes free.”
In 2015 Western Neon built two exterior signs for Oiselle’s Flagship store in Seattle’s University Village. Western Neon was more than happy to assist Sally in developing the perfect signage to showcase her company’s vision and brand. The main storefront sign is made of painted black reverse channel letters and the Oiselle logo measuring at 9’x3’x3″ with white LED illumination. The second is a double-sided projecting sign, illuminated by LED measuring 3’x1’x4″. The graphics were routed out with translucent acrylic vinyl painted black with orange returns.

Only a short time has passed since working with Oiselle and we are motivated by the distance Sally’s company has covered since the install.

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