Impinj is the leading producer of RAIN RFID solutions which, “deliver[s] Item Intelligence, physical items’ unique identity, location and authenticity, to the digital world which [they] believe is the essence of the Internet-of-Things.” Essentially, Impinj helps billions of companies who either manage, sell or transport items such as clothes, pharmaceuticals, auto-parts, food, etc. with incredibly high-tech work applications that track inventory, safety, and item authentication to retailers in real-time to consistently stay connected to their product. On June 1, Impinj planned to have their grand opening at their new location on 400 Fairview. Western Neon was successfully able to find several solutions to meet this deadline within a 5 weeks notice.

This whopping 24′ x 11′ exterior sign is almost 140 feet from the ground and is illuminated by LED. Everything was painted grey, faced with white polycarb faces. The Impinj logo contains 2″ trim caps and is illuminated by red LED 60-watt power supplies while the pan channel letters are illuminated by white LED through black and white dual-color vinyl that appears to be grey during the day and white in the night.
The non-illuminated dimensional letters in the office lobby displays a mirrored visual of the exterior sign. The design is scaled down to approximately 5′ x 2′ and is also made of .090 aluminum.​

The installation of this sign was the most rewarding for Western Neon for it involved a tough location and connecting with multiple businesses and partners. The process would not have been possible or as successful without the help from our friends at Western Crane and Spider with the access and swing stage, the cooperation from Damon at Blanton Turner, and the employees within the multi-tenant building on 400 Fairview including a restaurant opening on the rooftop! Our favorite part of any project is finding new solutions for new challenges that arise and the multiple connections that we are able to make along the way.

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