Ice-burg Drive-In
Walla Walla, Washington’s favorite spot for burgers, shakes, and fries now has the sign to prove its immense success!Ice-burg Drive-In, located at 616 Birch St, has been around for a long time, possibly even longer than McDonalds or In and Out. Even with Ice-burg’s long history and popularity, Ice-burg stays true to its original feel. The small drive-in provides a walk up window to order and limited picnic table seating outside. Today they offer 37 flavors of homemade shakes including unique options such as Coca Cola, marshmallow, licorice, coconut, and even bacon! The menu item they are most known for however is their burgers. Many even claim that it is one of the best in the country. Thor Blevins from Oregon writes, “If you haven’t eaten at the Ice-Burg, then I am sorry to say you’ve missed out on the best hamburgers and milkshakes known to the civilized world.”

This whopping 8’11” sign is made of .090 aluminum. The background behind the iconic polar bear is painted blue to white gradient and is outlined with 15mm horizon blue neon. “Burgers – Shakes – Fries” follows suit with 12mm horizon blue. The bear is routed out of face and is backed with 3/16″ white acrylic with black vinyl. White flare LED grid illuminates from a 60watt power supply. “The Ice-Burg” is aluminum pan channel letters, which are painted red with the returns painted black featuring 15mm red neon. The classic arrow is painted yellow with 15mm clear gold neon. To finish it off we powered the sign with FRANCE p5g-2e series electromagnetic transformers. The original pole was kept and used for the new cabinet!

The entire project took over 400 man-hours. The sign is so bright we can almost see it from the 4-hour drive! If only we could taste the food from here…

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