Business is booming at the local Seattle brewery, Fremont Brewing Company. This year alone, they invested in a new 80,000 square foot brew house in Ballard, which will increase their production capacity by 100,000 barrels per year. “That is more than 8 times the amount of beer Fremont produced in 2013”.

Fremont Brewing is not only committed to creating distinct craft beers, but they are dedicated to fostering a sustainable business through community involvement. At their Fremont brew house they have strived to create a community hangout where locals can kick back, while enjoying high quality local brews.

When Matt Lincecum, the owner of Fremont Brewing, initially decided to invest in a new sign, he was worried how the neighbors would react. That’s when we introduced the idea of creating a video that paralleled the craftsmanship between brewing and sign making. Collaborating with local videographer Eric Over, we set out to create a video focused on the four pillars of Fremont Brewing’s philosophy; precision, consistency, quality, and community. See what we created together in the video below.

In the end Matt didn’t need to worry; the Fremont community has really taken to the sign. In fact, most people see it as an indication that the “neighborhood is on the up and up”.

Take advantage of the unseasonable warm weather and stop by to check out the 12 foot heron, while you enjoy a cold brew on the patio.

Fremont Brewing 1

Fremont Brewing 2

Fremont Brewing 3

Fremont Brewing 4

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