Fountain Court is situated in the Belltown neighborhood. This location is walking distance from Downtown Seattle, multiple schools including the Art Institute of Seattle, and many other enjoyable places such as Denny Park. This is the most recent sign we have fabricated for Essex Properties and was installed in February 2016. Freshly painted orange, silver, and white halo illuminated reverse pan-channel letters shine from two 40’x3′ teal cabinets. This color combination delivers great contrast from the building which in turn grasps much attention from the busy cross streets of 4th Ave and Battery.

The Bernard apartments are located in Queen Anne sandwiched between the Space Needle and the Olympic Sculpture Park making it one of the best home viewpoints. Their sign was made and installed by us in early 2015. This intimate yet spacious building needed a sign that emphasized their contemporary style and warm atmosphere. It is a total of 72 square feet of white and red LED halo illuminated reverse pan-channel letters which gives a soft look that is still eye-catching.

The Cairns apartment buildings are located in Seattle’s South Lake Union. The Cairns sign was developed and installed in late 2014 and is 87.5 square feet of lite green and white exposed neon open pan-channel letters. This elegantly fun space was in need of a sign that showed their spark among the city lights, which was achieved by its unique vertical layout and beautiful color choice.

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