Cloudburst Brewing owner, Steve Luke, has been in the brew biz since 2005, brewing since 2008, and has been head brewer at Connecticut’s Cambridge House Brewpub, Rogue’s Issaquah Brewhouse, and lastly Seattle’s Elysian Fields.

Though clouds and Seattle undoubtedly come together, the meaning behind the name is a lot more than about the weather, “A cloudburst is a sudden and unexpected onslaught of rain, and I want my beers to exemplify that to catch people off guard, to surprise some, and be robust and refreshing in style and flavor. Also, I think it’s just a fun word to say.” So no need to panic cliché despisers, Steve Luke keeps things original.

Speaking of original, This 7,200 square foot space used to be home of Elliot Bay Bicycle, which Steve already plans on brewing a beer in tribute to. He explained to us during the installation of the sign that he wanted to keep the rustic look of the original space, which undoubtedly inspired the paint job we did to the cloudburst and letters.

Primer coat starts the process followed by a black base coat. Then we put a layer of dark brown clumpy paint to give it some serious texture and a look of rust. Next we sprayed two thin coats of black, followed by white which is the main cabinet color. Lastly, we masked detail color of teal on top.

The goal was to create the look of a rustic sign that has been repeatedly painted over time and time again. This goal was greatly achieved with the final steps of sanding off layers of paint, the dark clumpy layer poked through allowing the black and dark brown to appear rusted and aged. Finally, the clear coat protects all the different layers and completes the process.

Sources: New School Beer and Seattle Met

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