Completed in Spring of 2015 Chophouse Row was the last stage of a multi-year redevelopment by Dunn & Hobbes and can be found on 11th Ave bounded by 12th and Pike St on Capitol Hill. Originally constructed in 1924, the historic Chophouse building served as an auto parts store, and later would provide band practice space for Seattle area musicians for decades.Today the space contains 5,500 sq. ft. of retail, 25,000 sq. ft. of office space and 3 penthouse apartments. The retail tenants include an Amandine Bake Shop, Empire Espresso, Niche Outside, Kurt Farm Shop, Bar Ferdinand, Scotch Pine, Play on the Hill and the newest additions Cake Skincare, Marmite and Spirit in the Bottle.

Western Neon designed and fabricated Dunn & Hobbes’ projecting double-sided neon sign for Chophouse Row, which was installed in December of 2016. Measuring out at an impressive 4’10” x 9’8″, this gorgeous sign includes 84 linear feet of white and orange neon, as well as mounted 3/8″ aircraft cable details.

Carole Alexander, our sales executive and project manager for Chophouse signage explains, “Liz Dunn of Dunn & Hobbes has an incredible instinct for what will make a neighborhood better, she is the Queen of Capitol Hill.” Western Neon hopes to help Dunn & Hobbes on future multi-use projects!

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