Broadway Veterinary Hospital (BVH) has been taking care of animals for nearly 30 years. It all started in 1986 when their founder, Mike Desrosier, decided to refocus his efforts to providing top-of-the-line veterinary care. Mike’s vision of providing affordable pet care services to everyone has been carried on by Greg McWilliams.

Greg purchased BVH in 2014 after working hard to create the first employee owned vet hospital in the US. Greg is committed to maintaining the high quality of care and comprehensive medicine available at BVH.

Greg’s passion for BVH extends to his desire to revamp its aging brand image. To help attract new attention to this established brand, Greg wanted to design a sign that would immediately draw the wandering eyes of residents. We were able to help Greg update his entire storefront by adding a new aluminum awning and a 20 foot tall rotating poll sign designed by Lauren Spear at DLR Group.

The challenge in creating a “lollipop” style sign with minimal arm supports lies in finding a spot to hide the 150 pound motor. Once we decided to hide the motor in the cabinet of the sign, we had to engineer the frame to be rigid enough to support it, which required making the frame out of 3 layers of solid aluminum bar. It was a challenge to create a perfect 9.42 ft. circumference circle out of 6 inch thick solid aluminum. After the mechanics of the sign was figured out, we had to dial in the revolutions per minute according to the city code – maximum of 7 RPM. We were able to combine both internal LED and external neon illumination by matching the two temperatures for each light source.

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