The 5th Avenue Theatre’s The Pajama Game, based on the 1953 Richard Bissell novel 7 1/2 Cents, tells the story of a union battle at the Sleep Tite Pajama Factory that leads to steamy conflict and romance. The production includes the timeless hits, “Steam Heat” and “Hernando’s Hideaway” show tunes.

Scenic Designer Carol Wolfe Clay was researching union halls when she discovered the sign for Seattle’s own Labor Temple in Belltown. This discovery led Carol to the idea of changing the name of the union hall in the script to “Labor Temple” as a tip of the hat to Seattleites. Western Neon recreated this historic sign at the size of 14’9″x1’7″, and used RGBW LEDs powered by a 16-bit driver to provide the capability to dim and change the colors of illumination. The aluminum channel letter faces were backed with clear acrylic and recessed for a beautiful reflected light effect.

Western Neon also fabricated a sign for Hernando’s Hideaway, the town’s local night club. This funky sign measures at approximately 4’7″x12′ and features RGBW LED inside the cabinet with light bulbs along the arrow. The Hernando’s Hideaway sign was painted red, turquoise and dark blue with Matthew’s Paint.

The 5th Ave Theatre’s Technical Director Erik Holden explained that producing great theatre also means providing a lot of great jobs, creating high quality props, costumes, scenery and everything else that makes their exquisite productions possible. Erik concludes, “It takes a lot of people doing their part and then coming together to actually make something that has a bit of magic to it.”

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