Western Neon Seattle Custom Sign Builders Company History

The History

Michael Blazek launched Western Neon in 1985. His brother, Jay Blazek, took ownership in 1989 and continued to serve as the company’s president until 2010. Both brothers learned under their father Dean, who operated the Northern Wisconsin Neon Workshop — a renowned school that taught glassbenders how to successfully craft neon tubing and signs. Father Dean still runs a successful sign company that he started in 1956. He also started the “Neon Techniques” column inĀ Signs of the Times, the principal trade journal for the sign industry. Dean’s expertise garnered him a series of books published by the magazine that focused on the school. Additionally, he teamed up with Michael and published, “Neon: The Next Generation,” which provides essential vision for the future of the neon industry.


Our Company Today

For nearly 25 years, Jay Blazek was at the helm of Western Neon, furthering the training he received from his family and adding innovative techniques along the way. In 2010, Jay Blazek passed the torch to long time employee Andre Lucero. The company staff is approaching 20 members, each dedicated to making client satisfaction paramount. Western Neon has gained a strong following due to our adherence to high-quality craftsmanship and insistence on providing the greatest value to our customers.