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Project of The Month: Aslan Brewing Company

Image by Western Neon © 2019

Under the watchful glow of the iconic lion, the large mixed-use building Cedar Speedster is getting the finishing touches put together on the corner of 36th and Phinney. If all stays on schedule, by the end of this month Aslan Brewing Company’s .Seattle Taproom Seattle Taproom is going to be up and running, and we can’t wait!

We were so excited when Aslan announced their plans in January to open a Seattle Taproom and knew we wanted to get involved. The organic beer brewing company started in Bellingham, WA, in 2013 and has been growing an empire ever since. Their name, Aslan, is the Turkish word for lion and speaks to their philosophy of pushing boundaries while preserving the brewing tradition.

Image by Western Neon © 2019

After discussing the Aslan logo the owners, we knew that it had to be the signature icon for the taproom space. The final product is a depiction of Aslan’s majestic King of the Jungle, on each side of a sleek blade sign . This piece is the culmination of meticulous planning, fabricating, and a solid week of hand-crafting neon glass from Tecnolux and we are so proud of how it came together. When we asked CEO Jack Lamb his thoughts on the project, he said simply, “We are SO happy with the sign [Western Neon] made. Seriously a dream come true.”

We love that as a certified B Corporation, Aslan is committed to organic ingredients, locally sourced goods, and low-impact practices. They fit right in at their new home, Cedar Speedster , a brand new building that houses a central retail space for Evo, as well as restaurants Revel and Local tide.

Image by Western Neon © 2019

Congratulations to all the partners involved, we can’t wait to check out the new project!

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Project of The Month: Northwest Harvest

Image by Western Neon © 2019

On a cloudy install day, Western Neon technicians carefully secured the green apple that will serve as a beacon for the newest Northwest Harvest location.

Just below the custom signage, the front doors lead to a warm and welcoming grocery-store-like atmosphere. The SODO Community Market will be replacing the Cherry Street food bank Northwest Harvest ran for over 35 years. This location aims to continue supporting the Seattle community by offering an experience that maintains the dignity of those who come through its doors.

Western Neon was brought into the project early on because NW Harvest was interested in keeping the project local to the area. And in addition to Western Neon’s stellar portfolio of custom-built signs, we are actually located just down the street from the new market location.

Image by Western Neon © 2019

Working with the client, Western Neon’s team tested several different color schemes related to Northwest Harvest’s branding, eventually using a mixture of colored neon types from Ablon Technologies.

The vibrant blue is a classic glass called Ocean Blue, and the distinct green is a standard glass called Lite Green. The final results closely mirrored the client’s original vision, with the final neon resting in open-face aluminum channel letters. Additional pieces created by Western Neon for this site include flat-cut aluminum characters with a horizontally brushed finish and a pan-form translucent polycarbonate sign with vinyl detailing.

We at Western Neon love that Northwest Harvest is showing they are committed to the area by cementing their mark on the SODO skyline.

Image by Western Neon © 2019

Northwest Harvest is the largest independent hunger relief agency in Washington and serves on average 2 million meals a month. They are focused on providing nutritious food, building community partnerships, and getting food where it is needed most. Find out more about the SODO Community Market and Northwest Harvest at northwestharvest.org.

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Project of The Month: Hugo House

Image by Western Neon © 2019

Western Neon is incredibly proud to unveil our commemorative contribution to the new Hugo House space in Capitol Hill. Founded in 1996 by Seattle writers Linda Breneman, Andrea Lewis, and Frances McCue, Hugo House is “a place where you can read words, hear words, and make your own words better.” After the demolition of the century-old building that previously housed the organization, Hugo House reopened in September 2018 in a sleek, airy space designed by global architecture firm NBBJ with an acute focus on writing in mind. The Raynier Institute & Foundation granted $650,000 to Hugo House in support of their mission to provide a home for writing; in consideration of this, the in-house performance space Lapis Theater is dedicated in honor of the Raynier Foundation’s namesake, James W. Ray. We worked closely with Hugo House, NBBJ, and the Raynier Foundation to bring an exceptional, ornate marquee for the theater to life.

Image by Western Neon © 2019

James Ray was well known around Seattle as a passionate, eccentric individual who supported arts, education, and culture. He was a fan of the mystic and ornate, which is reflected in the design of the theater marquee. We made design choices in conjunction with the Raynier Foundation to best reflect James Ray’s vision and passions. Every element, from the silicon bronze, lapis-colored glass and geometric reveals to the font and Fibonacci spirals, incorporate visual cues from early 20th century Egyptian theater design and Art Deco iconography.

The metal component of the sign is made of silicon bronze, chosen for its luminous finish quality. While it might have been easier to use painted aluminum for nearly the same effect, we chose to use the silicon bronze we’d never worked with before in order to have the authenticity shine through. It was a difficult material to work with and handle, but well worth extra efforts. The face is backed with a contrasting lapis glass and bookended by illuminated argon-filled tubes evoking Fibonacci spirals. The “Lapis Theater” text is comprised of acrylic “push-through” type letter forms internally lit by LEDs, color matched to the glass. We also fabricated a large illuminated bronze clock placed above the theater entrance as an addition to the theater sign, further referencing Art Deco design and early 20th century Egyptian theater interiors. Lastly, we made and installed a bronze plaque dedicating the space to James Ray that evokes his unique impact and vision.

Image by Western Neon © 2019

We are proud to have collaborated with such great partners to create a truly monumental installation in memory of such a pivotal Seattle figure. It’s both a fitting addition to Hugo House’s elegantly designed communal space and an inspiring beacon for the local writing community – stop by some time to check it out. You can learn more about Hugo House here, and about James Ray and the Raynier Institute & Foundation here.